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Superluminal are a production trio from Warsaw, Poland, formed in 2011. Superluminal performs electronic mus√ic, saturated with colour, teeming with expression, resonating with dynamics, luxuriant in depth and full of other relevant nerdy scientific verbal equations. Superluminal are Electromagnetism, strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force and gravity – these are the four main forces...

LOVE ME LOUD - this is the debut album by Morris Jones, consisting of Peter Kunz (programming and keyboards) and Matthew Tasa (Vocals), which exists since the year 2010. With their catchy dance sound , the two regularly provide high levels of traffic on the dance floors and have for years been constantly present with your publications in Europe hit lists and on the radio. Your last publication...

J. Axel - Like A Shadow
The shadow is an unlit place or a signal generated by a light projection image of a body, caused by himself. Shades in the summer of coolness and rest. In painting, a shadow gives the visual depth or result in the first space or just a perspective to an object. The second album by J. Axel explores the musical shadow in Tech House. The Swedish producer places lightweight objects in a glistening...

Smilla - Drehmoment
Smilla has already released five singles on Harthouse and with the album “Drehmoment”, he again went one step further - both sound-wise as well as regarding his songwriting skills. “Zeitreise” is a driving Techno piece with spheric synth parts, the title track “Drehmoment” could be described as a very atmospheric track with hookline vocals and a bamboo flute from the good old times. “Chapt...

Naomi - Pappelallee (10th Anniversary Edition)
Naomi’s classic Pappelallee celebrates its 10th birthday on February 23rd, 2014. The Berlin duo (Bernd Lechler and Nico Tobias) delivered their sophomore album in 2004, a collection of personal and charming songs halfway between pop and sophisticated electronic music. The warm sound makes the album feel familiar even at first listening. When diving deeper into Naomi’s universe you soon disco...

Boris Brejcha - Feuerfalter Part 02
Music is colorful, diverse and vibrant as the butterflies. Almost 180,000 different species live in 127 families. The music by Boris Brejcha is like a "Feuerfalter" (copper). On one side the butterfly is relaxing and floating on the wind, but on the other hand he also sets with steam and fire to a fall into a low altitude. This is how it feels when Brejcha makes music. The fourth album is ex...

Various Artists - sunshine live vol. 49
We start the spring for you! On the brand new sunshine live vol 49 you will get back the best and latest compilation of dance tracks on the ears - Hits on hits from the heavy rotation of Germany's electronic radio sunshine live directly in your player! Germany's most successful radio compilation comes on 28 March in the trade and in all download stores. As always, the compilation in the chic di...

Various Artists - sunshine live Mix Mission 2013
The year is going to its end.. but wait! We still have a very special mission to complete! The Mix Mission 2013 - starting on December 23rd 2013 at 6pm, the yearly Mix Mission will last for 10 whole days on Germany’s No.1 electronic music radio sunshine live. This means in concrete terms: 246 Hours of nonstop live mixes from A-Class Top DJs as well as newcomers and regional scene heroes - ...

Various Artists - sunshine live vol. 48
We shorten the waiting time until Christmas and bring even between Saint Nicholas and Christmas Eve: the new sunshine live vol. 48 - with even more tracks and hits! How does it work? It's simple: From now on CD1, 2 and 3 now brimming with the latest tunes and crackers out of the days program and the DJ broadcasts of your favorite radio station Sunshine Live! The new musical concept bringing you...

Various Artists - Backyard Files
True temples of peace could be find in many cities behind the facades of houses. Green idylls shielded from the bustling noise of the streets. Even a large town such as Plastic City has this shady backyards. Maybe something grows beside the music flow of the label sound, but this alternative vibe also represent several Plastic City artists. Terry Lee Brown Junior combed through the quiet cou...

Various Artists - Valencia Session
The next electronic City Guide takes us into the mediterranian spirit of Valencia, the so-called “city of flowers” (cuidad de las flores). Each compilation from the new "City Session" series shows us a place, that is known for its amazing beaches, sports, architecture, atmosphere and nightlife. In this episode, Plastic City has decided to take a look at the beautiful Spanish city of Valencia, c...

Various Artist - Terry`s Café 15
Terry's Café is uninterrupted for 15 years, one of the hallmarks of excellent house compilations. Worldwide fans eagerly awaiting the new edition each year against which selection has compiled Terry Lee Brown Junior for the new roasting his series. The compilation has become a collector's item. For even original packaging CD of the third edition of 2000 you have to invest almost EUR 900 toda...

Ken Ishi - The Bounder
Being in the business for 20 years is safe to assume an achievement. Being successful in that business over all those years is simply stunning. Ken Ishii debuted on the legendary Belgian techno label R & S Records in 1993, and since then, the Sapporo-born DJ and musician has not only produced the official theme song for the winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan in 1998 and was in charge of the music...

Franksen - Feel
ranksen goes way back in the history of Frankfurt's electronic scene. Hosting Germany's eldest radio DJ Show, today's YOU FM Clubnight, since more than ten years. As a DJ, producer and music journalist (for BEAT magazine) he claims his own style on an endless groove journey. Franksen appeared on Deep- and Techhouse labels from Suara or Dieb.Audio to Salted Music and more. Since 2009 he relea...

Zagar - Space Medusa Remixes
Eastern European electronica frontrunner Zagar is releasing a remix EP for it’s latest sci-fi soul hit, Space Medusa taken from their new album Light Leaks. The album itself explores expansive cinematic dreamscapes created with their perfect blend of vintage synth sounds and Kraftwerk style vocoders. It gained warm critical acclaim in the international press and left quite an impression with mu...

Sound design from another planet, functional, intelligent Arrengements, clever elements that are somewhere between "handmade" and cinema-scope format and always surprising ideas describe the music of the exceptional talent Boris Brejcha. He is one of the most prolific music makers of our time, and despite seemingly short intervals between his publications and his tracks do not sound like assemb...

Dejan Millicevic - Out Of My Book
After his great success of "Just keep talking Girl" on Plastic City Millicevic Dejan is back with his new single "Out of My Book". With the titles Out Of My Book, Undefined Bank of the 303 & Virtual Librarian he proves why he has come up at the top of the tech house scene!

The Casino Royal - You Will Give Me That Kiss (Mole)
A kiss is not only the act of pressing one's lips against the lips of another person or of an object. A kiss is a emotional and romantic statement. The new single of The Casino Royal is looking for a kiss. The song is gospel oath of desire, love, passion and seduction. Like kissing James Bond on a reclining seat of a Aston Martin. The Casino Royal conjures with "You'll give me that kiss" again ...

Joel Mull - The Observer (Harthouse)
Yonderboi at Schleswig Holstein Music Festival
"The Timewriter - Soulstickers" entered the iTunes charts worldwide
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Christian Gimbel - Swimmingpool (mp3 EP) - Harthouse
Mihalis Safras - Milamou (mp3 EP) - Harthouse
Free Download: The Timewriter - Theme From Soulstickers
The Timewriter: New Audio Interview
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Felix Kröcher at "Empire" Floor on Mayday 2007
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Yonderboi at Schleswig Holstein Music Festival
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Super Sounds of Trance entered iTunes UK Electronic Charts at # 14
"The Timewriter - Resensed Part One" conquered the Beatport Charts
"plus49 - Rock On" on several rotations
Mole 75 entered # 1 iTunes Electronic Charts
Three tracks from Mole Listening Pearls in the annualy DCC 2006
Felix Kröcher on rank 2 “DJ National” in Raveline
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ten years Mole Listening Pearls and Mole 75 release party (22.12.06)
Yonderboi (Mole) #2 DCC (german club charts)
Yonderboi (Mole) # 48 and Soda Inc. (Plastic City) #49 DDC
New Yonderboi Single entered the German Club Charts (position # 4)
Khoiba & Naomi live in Berlin
24th november 2006
6 albums in the iTunes electronic album charts 100
Soda Inc. - Night Fever
German Dance Charts at #31

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