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Various Artists
Plastic City Helvetia, mixed by Smalltown Collective
Plastic City
CD (also available as: MP3)

Various Artists - Plastic City Helvetia, mixed by Smalltown Collective
In 2009 Plastic City started a new compilation series to explore the European deep and tech house scene. Therefor DJ Miguel, the second part of the Smalltown Collective beside Remo, mixed the first episode called “Zurich Session” with Plastic City releases only. For the second Swiss part Miguel and Remo were asked to do the new mix together.

Since the first release of the Smalltown Collective in 2008 on Malec Records especially the collaboration with Plastic City brought high international respect to the Smalltown Collective. You can find a lot of their tracks find on national and international compilations. Furthermore they teamed up with Get Physicals Lopazz and had releases out on Bacteria or Eyerers and Romboys Session Deluxe. And between the upcoming Dj gigs like at the Tresor Berlin there will be a Helvetia tour stop at club Supermarket Zurich.

With their mix Miguel and Remo present an up-to-date profile of the latest Plastic City catalogue. The right mixture between deep and groovy, pop and undergound, strong and aromatic, dark and bright characterizes the mix. Strong and melodic arrangements dominate the plot while playful basses and dreamy vocals are coming around from time to time. Its pretty easy to lean back letting the mind fall into a very bloomy electronic world of fantasy and realism as well. The tracks of Terry Lee Brown Junior, Nikola Gala, Gütezeichen, Silt, Strict Border, Aki Bergen, Bucher & Kessidis or, of course, the Smalltown Collective are rotating around warm and pulsating club nights and nearly lost imaginations of inspiration. With this spring compilation Smalltown Collective are introducing spring and summer, only presenting the most fresh and refreshing tunes of the new season. Every track a little jewel, a pearl of creativity, modernism and sexyness. Here we have the right moods and emotions to take off in a time full of satisfaction.
1. Terry Lee Brown Junior - Eyes Of A Stranger
2. Sven Kerkhoff & Sofa Tunes - One Five Six (Part1)
3. Bucher & Kessidis - Time
4. Aki Bergen - Don‘t Call Me Artist
5. M.A.O - The Schellen
6. Smalltown Collective - Feel Like That
7. Strict Border - Superstitious
8. Silt - Rising
9. Bucher & Kessidis - Live On
10. Smalltown Collective - WIL Connected (Andrea Oliva Remix)
11. Aki Bergen - Fever feat. Carmen Sherry (Dub-o-Matic Mix)
12. The Timewriter - Pasodoble (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
13. Nikola Gala - I Don't Stop
14. Junior Gee - Elegal
15. Nikola Gala - I Was So Wrong (feat. Sylwia Van Der Wonderland)
16. Gütezeichen - Bad To Bone (Constantijn Lange Remix)
17. Deep Sector - Rainbows
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